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Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome, C'mon In

Jim Daniel
9 December 1965
***NOTE: Most of my journal is friends-only these days. I hate having to do that, but with privacy now at a premium, I feel I need to do that to protect myself from prying eyes. If I don't immediately friend you back, please don't be offended. I need to take some time to get to know you first before I decide. Thanks for your understanding.***

I am a partnered man, now 41 years old. My partner, Ray, and I have been together for 11 years. For those who may have read The Bear Handbook, Ray is the one who wrote that. Ray is on LJ as profkampf. It's a bit of an unconventional journal - purely visual.

I live in San Francisco and work in college administration. Previously, I have lived (in order from most-recent to longest-ago) in: Marshall, Minnesota; Orlando, Florida; Coral Gables (Miami), Florida; Davie (Ft Lauderdale), Florida; Herndon (Metro Washington, DC), Virginia; Sunrise (Ft Lauderdale), Florida; Herndon, Virginia; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Clarkston (Atlanta), Georgia; Tuscaloosa, Alabama; Bridgeton (St Louis), Missouri; Indianapolis, Indiana; Sacramento, California; Carmichael (Sacramento), California (my birthplace).

My job at the school is being in charge of the study abroad programs as well as handling all of the incoming international students.

Ray and I have done the long-distance thing before, so it is no problem that I am living in SF and he is in LA.

2006 was spent dealing with colon cancer, from major surgery to chemotherapy. I have since been taken off of the chemo since it was discovered that the cancer has spread to my left femur, making it extremely difficult to walk these days. I am undergoing radiation treatments which should zap it all out, get rid of the pain, and restore my ability to walk well.